Press notes

San Sebastian, the ideal setting for incentives 2023/01/23
Donostia / San Sebastián beat records at FITUR and IBTM 2023/01/20
Success in promoting San Sebastián as a Christmas destination 2023/01/01
San Sebastián, first Basque city to regulate noise pollution in tourist activity 2022/11/25
“Feel the Magic”. Campaign to promote San Sebastián as a Christmas destination 2022/11/16
San Sebastián is working towards good practices and sustainability in Tourism and Gastronomy 2022/10/13
DSS Turismoa launches the “Feel like a donostiarra” sustainable tourism campaign 2022/09/28
Donostia / San Sebastian promoted again at the JATA Tourism Expo Japan 2022 trade show 2022/09/21
Donostia San Sebastian Turismoa launches the “San Sebastian On Mode” campaign and prepares to offer a high-quality summer service 2022/06/13
DSS Turismoa and the Gipuzkoa Hotel Association sign an agreement to promote and position San Sebastián as a tourist destination 2021/07/16
San Sebastián and Biarritz team up on a joint tourism promotion strategy 2021/07/12
DSS Turismoa preparing to offer a high-quality service and boost summer tourism 2021/06/25
DSS Turismoa takes part in the “Spain Brings you Food for Thought” virtual workshop organised by the Spain Convention Bureau 2021/06/17
San Sebastian is once again the epicentre of creativity with C Days 2021 2021/06/11
Hondalea opens its doors to the public 2021/05/31
DSS Turismoa presents the personalised “Feel local. We’ll travel again.” 2021/05/24
‘San Sebastian Pintxos & Parks’ at FITUR, a commitment to promoting green spaces and local cuisine 2021/05/19
San Sebastian will be hosting the largest international conference on marine energy 2021/05/11
DSS Turismoa presents an interactive tour to revisit Woody Allen's film in San Sebastián 2021/05/06
DSS Turismoa holds an event to examine conferences as a city strategy 2021/03/25